Questions about the Shop & Products

Where can I find out, when there will be new products available?

Of course, we will keep you updated on all new product releases. In order to not miss any information in the future, we suggest subscribing to our newsletter and check our social media channels on a regular basis.

When will sold out products be available again?

Many of our products are limited in stock and will not be restocked after they are sold out. Depending on how many requests we receive to restock a certain product, we do our best to arrange a reorder. Please note that this process can take up to several months. Feel free to contact our customer support if you would like to receive more information about a specific product.

Do the products have different cuts or fits?

Indeed, our hoodies & sweaters, zip hoodies and tees have different cuts and fits. You can find out about each fit and cut in the respective product description.

In the following we have put together a brief explanation of the different fits for you.

Regular fit:
The product has a regular fit, go ahead and take your usual size.

To create an oversized look, some parts of the product have a wider cut on purpose. If you like it more slim, go ahead and take a size smaller. If you like it a bit more loose, stick to your normal size.

Athletic fit/slim fit:
These products have a very tight fit. If you don’t like that, go ahead and take a size bigger.

If you are planning to wear your hoodie on top of your protective clothing, we suggest buying at least one size larger for products with a regular-fit or the athletic-fit.
Just to be on the safe side we always suggest taking another look at the size-chart.

How do I read the size chart?

You’ll find a short instruction, which will show you how and where to measure, beneath each size table.

Is there a Grenzgaenger-Store to try on things and to buy them directly?

A shop or warehouse does not exist. We will organize further Pop-Up-Store events in the future. In that case, you will be able to try on things and buy them directly. You can find out about dates and when these events will take place through our newsletter and on social media channels.

Am I able to order through a guest-account?

Yes, it’s possible to place an order as a guest. You need to add a product to your shopping cart and then click on „Proceed to checkout“. After that you have the possibility to create a new customer account or to order as a guest.

When will I receive my order? Will I be able to track the order?

After we have received your payment, we will process your order as quickly as possible. When exactly you will receive your order will depend on the delivery location you have chosen. You can orientate yourself on the following delivery times:

Delivery time Germany: up to 10 days
Delivery time Europe*: up to 20 days
Delivery time RoW**: up to 30 days

You can find more detailed information about shipping on the following page: shipping & payment

As soon as we have shipped your order, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

How do I return something back to you?

You can find all relevant information about returns and refunds here

Can I return a product?

A return that will be substituted with an exchange product is only possible within 14 days after you have received your order. The product to be exchanged has to be in original conditions, in order to return it. A return is of course only possible if the desired size is still in stock by the time your return arrives.

If you want to be on the safe side, we generally recommend placing a new order with your desired size in the shop. You can simply mail the item with the wrong size back to us as a normal return.

You can also find all information on returns here

To which address do I have to mail the return to?

Please mail the item to the following address

SD Grenzgaenger International GmbH
Gablonzer Straße 4
76185 Karlsruhe

Can I pick up my order from you in Karlsruhe?

No, a pickup in Karlsruhe is not possible. We are exclusively an online shop and therefore do not have the possibility to offer pickups in Karlsruhe.

Can I drop off my return in Karlsruhe?

No, a personal drop off is not possible. We do not have any possibilities to accept a personal return.

Are there gift cards available for purchase?

We currently do not offer gift cards for purchase in our shop

I want my oder to be a gift, do you also offer neutral shipping?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the option of choosing between normal and neutral shipping in our shop at the moment. The packaging box does not have a printing, only our packaging tape is provided with our logo.

Are the Grenzgaenger products offered on Amazon fake or original?

Some of our Grenzgaenger products are available on Amazon which are the same products as you can find in our shop. Always pay attention to the information “Brand: GRENZGAENGER”, which you will find below the product name. If this is not the case it will be a fake product.

Can I buy Grenzgaenger graphic kits from you?

If you are interested in a graphic kit with our logo, we could register you on our waiting list. After that we will contact you via email as soon as we got more information for you. Please note that the whole process will take a while since our graphic kits are premium products which will be individually manufactured.

Please contact our customer service via email or WhatsApp for your registration on the waiting list.

Questions about customer support

Where can I contact you if I have a concern or question?

For requests via email you can contact our customer support through the follwing address: support@grenzgaenger-shop.com

You can reach us Monday through Friday (except on public holidays) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m by phone or WhatsApp at the following number.

+49 721 451951 05

Please be aware that we cannot receive calls on WhatsApp.

What is the WhatsApp number for?

You can ask us about any products or your order on WhatsApp. You also have the option of placing an order directly via WhatsApp.

How does ordering via WhatsApp work? Can I always order from there?

You can reach us Monday through Friday (except on public holidays) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on WhatsApp. During this time you can place your order.

Please send us your customer number or your full address as well as a list of the products you would like to order. We will then place the order for you. Payment is possible via PayPal or by bank transfer.

Questions about the Community / Brand

Who are you & what do you stand for?

We live for our passion for motorbikes and want to leave a positive impact. Through our worldwide community or simply with our products, which accompany you in your daily life. We share unforgettable moments. You can always count on us and we want to provide you the best service possible.

What does Grenzgaenger mean?

Grenzgaenger means community, sharing the passion for motorbikes, exploring new places and making friends all around the globe.

How can I become a part of the Grenzgaenger-Community?

It’s very easy: Everyone who shares our passion for motorcycles can see themselves as part of the Grenzgaenger community.

Where can I send you fan pictures for a repost?

We look forward to any of your pictures! It will reach us best if you send it to the following email address: fanpic@grenzgaenger-shop.com

What criteria does my fan picture have to meet in order for you to post it?

We receive a lot of pictures every day and unfortunately, we are not able to post all of them. Pay close attention to the following hints to increase your chances of being featured with your picture.

  • Our band emerged from the motorcycle scene, therefore your pictures should be related to motorcycles.
  • On our social media accounts, we share posts from the Grenzgaenger community. You should make sure that one of our products is visible on your picture.
  • Sometimes less is more! Send us your pictures unprocessed or in a RAW format, if you are not yet very experienced in image processing. We are very happy to do that for you!

Where do I find pictures/wallpaper of you?

We have created the highlight-story „Wallpaper” on Instagram for you (@grenzgaenger). We continuously keep adding new pictures there.

Who will reply to my messages from Instagram WhatsApp and Co.

Employees from the Grenzgaenger team will reply to your messages from all channels on which you can contact us.

Do you have a question for your favorite rider? Then go ahead and contact him on his personal account. Please understand that they are not always able to respond to all direct messages. Unlike us, the girls and boys do not have a team to answer all their messages.

When will you reply to my message?

Did you send us a direct message on Instagram, WhatsApp or an email? We will try to answer all messages as quick as possible, but we also want to get on our bike at the weekend! Therefore, it may happen that we only reply to your message after a few days. Of course, we always act in full speed when responding to support emails. That way you can count on a quick respond during the week.

Is a sponsoring or cooperation possible?

Do you have a social media account on which you share your passion for motorcycling with the world or are you successful in motorsport? If so, write to us at marketing@grenzgaenger-shop.com and introduce yourself! Present your talents, social media accounts and let us know why you would like to be sponsored by Grenzgaenger.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Can you follow me on Instagram / YouTube?

We would like to be fair to everyone in our community, so unfortunately we cannot follow everyone.

Can you meet with the Grenzgaenger riders or go for a ride with them?

We don’t have a fixed crew or “The Grenzgaenger” with whom you can go riding.

Simply contact the respective rider with whom you would like to ride directly on social media. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to go for a nice ride together.

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