• AR100148
material: 100% polyester

  • Thought-out details, durable materials and a high wear comfort our backpack is the perfect companion for both your everyday life and for riding.
  • With the main pocket which holds up to 25 Liters you are perfectly equipped for all your shorter as well as longer trips.
  • Some other features of this backpack include an extra pocket lined with velvet, another side pocket and a mesh on the side for you to carry your (drinking) bottle in.
  • Additionally, there is another (extra) loose-knit mesh on the front of the backpack. This is where you can carry a wet beach towel for example, without getting the inside of your backpack moist or sandy.
  • Besides being very sturdy, it is also highly comfortable to wear while driving due to the nice, lightweight materials it is made of.
    To ensure that, one of the things we did was using breathable materials, so you would not have to worry about a sweaty back, even on hot days.
  • We have equipped the backpack with a clipable waistband as well as clipable straps to ensure stability even during the fastest riding maneuvers.
  • Clever details like the side pocket which is protected by a flap and a zipper, make this backpack even more functional.
    Here, you can put all your valuables like your phone or your keys and access them without having to take the backpack off.
  • The zippers have resistant nylon ribbons, so you can open the side pockets and the bigger main pocket even with your gloves still on.
  • In case you get off your bike and need some fresh air, you can easily fasten your helmet to the front of your backpack with the two clips provided on there.
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