Endurance Pants

  • AR100250-001-32
Size: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42
Color: black
material: Material upper - 94% polyester, 6% rubber; Material lining - 100% polyester

Durable and breathable fabric makes our Endurance pants the perfect companion on both Enduro and Motocross rides. Functional details and numerous stretch inlays ensure high level mobility even during challenging riding maneuvers.

  • The pants and all patches are in the classic black and white Grenzgaenger style. You can match this color scheme with practically everything and it also goes perfectly with all other products from the Endurance Collection.
  • They are made of easily washable, heavy-duty polyester with special fibers which take on a fresh scent after every wash.
  • In order to protect the pants from tearing, there are Grenzgaenger skull and Grenzgaenger lettering patches sown to the highly stressed areas.
  • There is triple needle stitching in the critical areas to make them extra durable and robust. Therefore, our pants are well suited for intense and continuous use.
  • The elastic waistband will grant you high mobility and comfort while riding. Additionally, it will hold your jersey perfectly in place, so it doesn’t slip out when you’re riding. At the same time, it will keep your pants from slipping when you’re accelerating.
  • These pants are very light-weight thanks to the elastic fabric used around the waist.
  • Different stretch inlays round out this experience of comfort and flexibility. Putting on your protectors underneath the pants is now a hassle-free task, thanks to the stretch inlays around your leg which will also hold your protectors firmly in place.
  • The inlays on the rear part of the pants ensure firm seating when you’re bent over while accelerating. Especially when you’re riding Enduro, the agility enabled by these pants is extremely important.
  • The fabric on the outside is especially breathable which will make you sweat less and provide optimum climatization while sitting on your bike – even on hot and tiring Enduro rides. The excellent transpiration also reliably emits any leftover sweat you produced while riding.
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