Tool Bag

  • AR100249
  • Perfect for riding off-road
  • Four pockets provide enough storage for your belongings
  • Due to it’s black and white design, it goes well with all our rider gears

Easily Storing Important Tools:

There is a big pocket on the front of the Toolbag. It has two zippers, so you can open the bag quickly and easily reach everything in every situation. The big flap protects the contents of the bag from getting dirty and the zipper from attrition. The sturdy velcro reliably keeps the flap closed and while the Grenzgaenger design rounds off the look of the Toolbag.

Inside the big pocket there is a see-through plastic pouch which can also be locked – the ideal and secure storage for all your documents like your ID and your license.

The inside of the pocket is completely lined with rubber loops for you to easily store all of your tools and quickly take them out whenever you need them. Wrenches, ignition plugs and your documents – With this Toolbag, you’ll have everything you need while riding your bike close at hand.

There is a slightly smaller extra pocket on each side of the bag where you can store bigger parts or tools. These extra pockets offer even more storage and the possibility to store bigger parts or tools separately. Both pockets have double velcro and flaps which offer dirt protection and ensure extra easy opening.

Right on the waistband, there is an additional zipped pocket for you to put money in, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a wallet.

All pockets are attached to a sturdy but flexible plastic plate which is supposed keep your back warm or protect your stomach from any parts or tools pressing into it – depending on how you like to carry your Toolbag. This plastic surface is furnished with a rubber patch in the Grenzgaenger Skull design. The patch prevents slipping and ensures a firm grip.

To equip your Toolbag for all situations, we made sure to put emphasis on double-stitched seams and tough Ripstop material. This makes your Toolbag the perfect companion even in the roughest terrain.

Reliable Fastening and Optimum Fit:

The fastener combines high reliability and a comfortable fit. Two large velcro patches on the waist flaps prevent accidental opening at any time. The two additional rubber straps let you perfectly adjust the bag to your individual waist measurements. Another two velcro patches on those straps further prevent any unwanted, accidental undoing.

Since we completely went without clippers or metal hooks, there won’t be any pulling or pushing of the straps. The rubber straps have plastic d-rings for easy loosening and handling.

There is a nametag sewn onto the inside of the strap. This way, if you happen to loose your bag there is a chance of it being returned to you and there won’t be any mix ups.

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